Ashiana Network

Project Title:Specialist Refuge Network
Total London Councils Grant:£3,360,000
Funding period:01 April 2017 to 31 March 2021
Priority:Tackling Sexual and Domestic Violence
Service area:2.4 Emergency refuge accommodation and support and alternative housing options to meet the needs of specific groups


London Specialist Refuge Network seeks to continue to provide a unique and innovative Pan-London service through specialist refuge accommodation and targeted support to high-risk women/children affected by domestic and sexual violence (DSV) with complex needs. The Network will provide specialist refuge, targeted support and outreach and second stage accommodation. The project works intensively with women to assess/address needs, improve safety/health/wellbeing enabling women to exit violent/abusive relationships/situations.

The services comprise:

- Programme of group-work/workshops to enhance health/wellbeing/living-skills/resilience

- Resettlement programme to support independence/longer lasting outcomes

- Outreach service supporting/enabling women to access alternative refuge accommodation/be supported in independent living

- Training/awareness raising workshops for professionals to remove barriers/widen access

- Housing advocacy securing/maintaining referral pathways with housing providers to secure alternative accommodation for women at risk and unable to access refuge

- 38 specialist 24-hour refuge and second-stage accommodation bed spaces and package of intensive targeted support to enhance safety and remove barriers:

- 6 (24-hour) bed spaces: Problematic substance use

- 5 (24-hour) bed spaces: Sexually exploited women (including prostitution and trafficking)

- 8 (24-hour) bed spaces: Women with mental health/problematic substance use

- 7 second-stage bed spaces: Trafficked women

- 6 bed spaces: Middle Eastern and North African women fleeing harmful practices including forced marriage

- 6 bed spaces: South Asian, Turkish and Iranian women with NRPF experiencing DV/SV and harmful practices

- Within the existing 38 bed spaces, the project will allocate an additional 3 bed spaces for women with NRPF , particularly for trafficked women and 2 bed spaces for women with mobility related disabilities.

Referral route

Shaminder Ubhi, Director or call 0208 539 0427

Referral routes:

Nia - 07590 712872 (24 hours); 0207 683 1270

The Emma Project: 07590 712872 (24 hours)

Daria House: 07884 886 901 (24 Hours)

0207 683 1270

Solace WomenÂ’s Aid - 0207 328 9117

(The Amari Project): 020 3874 5027

Frances House: 020 7328 9117

0207 328 9117


07846 275 246 (Arabic/Kurdish)-24 Hours

07846 310 157 (Farsi/Dari/Turkish)-24 Hours

020 7920 6460-

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  • Solace Women's Aid
  • nia project
  • Iranian & Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation