St Mungo Community Housing Association

Project Title:Housing Advice, Resettlement and Prevention Connect
Total London Councils Grant:£1,005,512
Funding period:01 April 2017 to 31 March 2021
Priority:Combatting Homelessness
Service area:1.1 Prevention and Targeted Intervention


St Mungo will deliver a Pan London Housing, Advice, Resettlement and Prevention (HARP) service to people who are or are at risk of homelessness, providing holistic intervention.

Proposed activities:

-       A through-the-gate service, enabling people access to intervention and housing, promoting a smooth transition into communities.

-       A service which is flexible to the demand of need 'making each contact count', allocating specialist workers in each region who will work and receive referrals from probation/CRCs, local authorities, GPs and prisons in that region.

-       A Central Hub providing access to intervention for people through self-referral route

-       A Help-line for outside London Prisons and probation/CRCs discharging people returning to London.

-       Specialist intervention, advocacy and housing promoting the well-being and interests of individuals with protected characteristics, No recourse to public funds and complex needs inclusive of mental health and substance use.

-       A catalogue of services and private landlords within each borough to support better outcomes.

-       An emergency discretionary access fund to purchase small essential needs led resources for our clients, instigated by the project workers (such as fees relating to access to birth certificates, travel etc.

- Promotion of education, employment and volunteering, inclusive of peer volunteering opportunities.

Referral route

Samantha Cowie

St Mungo’s

3 Thomas More Square, 5th Floor, Tower Hill London E1W 1YW


Telephone: 020 7023 7010 / 020 3856 6000

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