Project Title:DeafHope London
Total London Councils Grant:£593,776
Funding period:01 April 2017 to 31 March 2021
Priority:Tackling Sexual and Domestic Violence
Service area:2.2 Advice, counselling and support to access services (for medium risk post-IDVA and target groups not accessing generalist provision)


DeafHope is the UK's only, award-winning, specialist service for Deaf female survivors of domestic abuse and violence, and their children. It is delivered by highly trained Deaf women for Deaf women and is vastly more cost-effective than using mainstream domestic violence services with interpreters. The service also provides support to Deaf male survivors, through advice and supported signposting. Caseworkers use British Sign Language and other international sign languages. The service is regularly assessed as 'outstanding' by London Councils' RAG rating.

DeafHope London will deliver:

- Specialist D/deaf referral for all London Borough Officers and IDVAs

- IDVA and outreach 1-2-1 support for deaf women and young people

- Prevention/early intervention workshops in schools/youth groups to boys and girls (Young DeafHope)

- Psychological Therapy for clients with complex needs, anxiety and/or depression

- Survivors' Workshops - Deaf-led support groups

- British Sign Language (BSL) and other accessible information about domestic abuse for Deaf community

- Deaf awareness training/support for London Borough Officers and mainstream domestic violence providers

This will achieve all specification outcomes:

- Reduced levels/ repeat victimisation of sexual and domestic violence

- Improves wellbeing

- Increases safety and independence

- London Borough Officers and IDVAs have a quality Deaf referral route

- Multi-agency providers have a better understanding of how to meet Deaf access

- Supports BAMER, LGBT and Multiple Complex Needs Deaf women

Referral route

Marie Vickers - Intermin Service Manager

020 8772 3241 (voice) 079 7035 0366 (text)

The Bridge, Oakmead Road, London SW12 9SJ

Deaf people can self-refer through our email or sms number 07970 350366

Professionals can either contact or email DeafHope to make a referral.

Borough benefits